Friday and Saturday 10am - 2pm

Sunday 10am - 1pm


Tonnes of manure kept over several years for the veg beds.


Polytunnel which we hope to expand on...


Litres of water the crops are given daily to keep them growing at the optimum rate.


Pesticides used.

Market Garden Meals

We create with what we can produce and have a range of market garden meals for you to chose from.

We occasionally buy in things such as fish or beef to expand the range but, these are always sustainably and locally sourced. We have pies too! All are frozen with hours of being made and can be collected from the shack.

Menu - Spring

We have expanded our menu for 2023

To include some exciting, delicious, homecooked options using our home reared/home grown produce! Visit the shack to try it all!

Veg Boxes

Just ask us about our veg boxes which start from spring/summer 2023!


We try to hold pop-up events each month through spring and summer.

These will be held in the market garden and using our own produce where possible. Usually there is a form of entertainment and bar.


The Catton Kitchen People. It is just us two, Hugo and Amy!

Our idea started several years ago after numerous discussions on how to best fulfil our lives with our food and farming passions.

The Catton Kitchen is a market garden delivering fresh, seasonal veg throughout the year and, takeaway shack.

We're passionate about being sustainable which includes where the food we consume comes from, how it has been grown/reared/butchered and, what we can do with what we produce whether it's simply selling vegetables or, making jams and delicious cakes. The aim has always been to be as self-sufficient as possible and eat, shop and support local.

Our motto is field to fork.

We look forward to meeting you!


All of our produce is grown and picked by hand in our polytunnel or outside beds in Catton near Thirsk.

All of our produce is grown and picked by hand in our polytunnel or outside beds in Catton near Thirsk. For our wholesale customers we specialise in growing a wide range of salad, leafy greens and seasonal crops where taste, aesthetics and freshness is key. We specialise with sales in farm shops as well as restaurants and all produce is picked at 6AM on the morning of delivery.

If you are interested please contact Amy:

07747 083 155